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Lunar Eclipse 2023: Check Date, Time, and Visibility in India

The year's first lunar eclipse is scheduled to occur next month. A penumbral lunar eclipse will be the celestial event. In total, this year will have two lunar eclipses: one each in May and October. 

The lunar eclipse will begin at 8.44 pm IST on May 5 and end at 1.01 am IST on May 6. The total duration of the lunar eclipse will be four hours and 18 mins.

 India will not be able to see the first lunar eclipse of the year, but it will be visible across Europe, Africa, the Pacific, Australia, Asia, the Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean. Although it can be difficult to tell a penumbral lunar eclipse apart from a regular full moon, residents of these areas can still enjoy viewing the eclipse without the use of any specialised optics, such as binoculars or a telescope. 

 Buddha Purnima, which is observed on May 5 in India, and the eclipse will both take place at the same time. 

 On October 28, there will be a partial lunar eclipse, the second of the year, which will be visible in areas of the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

 What is a lunar eclipse that is penumbral? 
Total lunar eclipses, partial lunar eclipses, and penumbral lunar eclipses are the three different types of lunar eclipses. When the Moon is covered by Earth's outer shadow, a penumbral lunar eclipse happens. The Moon experiences a lunar eclipse when the Earth blocks the Sun's light and creates a shadow on its surface.

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