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Are Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise dating? The TRUTH about THAT online video

 After an alleged video of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton together went viral, Internet users were perplexed by this new development and questioned whether the two celebrities were romantically engaged. In actuality, the man who resembles the 'Top Gun' and 'Mission: Impossible' actor eerily is not Tom Cruise.

The clip, which was released on the 41-year-old socialite's Instagram, has more than 6 million views and has the Tom Cruise lookalike stating, "I love you." "I do not wish to be late to this premiere in Paris. We gotta go." Hilton replies "We should always arrive late in style... It is your evening." The doppelgänger then looks at her and says, "You are extremely stunning." Hilton replies, "You're looking rather dapper, Mr. Cruise," followed by the impersonator hugging her and stating, "I believe we're going to astound the world."

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