Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Notre Dame cathedral shooting: French Police shoots attacker who claimed to be ISIS assailant

French police shot and wounded a man who was ready to attack them 'with a hammer' outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.Sources said the officers shot at the man after he had threatened them with a hammer and refused to stop.
One officer was slightly injured and the assailant was shot in the throat. The Paris prosecutor’s office said it had opened a terrorism investigation into the matter.
The attacker has been revealed to be an Algerian student in his 40s. He claimed to be a soldier of the dreaded militant group ISIS and shouted 'This is for Syria'.
On Monday, ISIS had called on its militants to carry out more attacks on Nice and Paris.
The cathedral, a Gothic landmark, was sealed off, and worshippers and visitors were locked inside.
Further, the square in front of the cathedral was evacuated. Crowds scattered outside the cathedral after hearing gunfire, according to reports.  
Source:News Nation
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